HENDALE is an investment firm based in Asia with long-term capital to invest in private companies and opportunities globally




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We have a long-term perspective and a global mandate

Hendale invests in scalable businesses with high growth potential backed by core technology.  Our team’s deep experience and network in Asia makes Hendale an ideal investment partner for companies looking to develop a bridge to the region.  Initial commitments range from US $1-15m.

Focus & sectors

Hendale looks for sectors with robust growth characteristics supported by long term trends.  We are open to all sectors and geographies.


Hendale seeks later-stage venture and growth equity investments.  Our time horizon is longer than traditional PE/VC funds, and our structures are flexible to support companies, founders, and other constituents.  We are comfortable with minority positions but require appropriate representation based on good governance.

Selection criteria

Within our areas of focus, the key factor in any investment decision is the quality of the management team.  The team needs to have complementary skills and experience to execute strategies and deliver growth.

Investment process

  • Initial Review
  • Discussion with Owners / Management
  • Business Review and Site Visit
  • Term Sheet / LOI
  • External Due Diligence
  • Definitive Deal Documentation
  • Closing
  • Collaboration
  • Exit